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Curriculum design is understood as the process by which, it responds to the training needs diagnosed through a feasibility study aimed to achieve the modeling and structuring of a curriculum.

The design is performed for both levels of curricular development: the macro and the micro. In the macrocurricular level, the horizon and intentionality of formation are fixed through the establishment of the mission, vision, and training purposes. This will facilitate the approach of profiles of the academic program and the design of a syllabus (Microcurriculum) consistent with its training purpose.

This will facilitate the approach to the profiles of the academic programme and the design of a curriculum (microcurricular) consistent with the intentionality of training.

The academic program is designed starting from, the big questions that problematize the know-how and the way in which the curriculum responds them. Based on those questions the emerging   problematic areas and fields of knowledge which the program will develop are identified.



RDC-119 Solicitud de apoyo para el diseño y rediseño macrocurricular de programas académicos en modalidad presencial o a distancia virtual

RSS-08 Acta de capacitación.

Anexo 29. Mapa de Competencias del programa diligenciado

RDC-101Cronograma de actividades para el  diseño y rediseño macrocurricular Modalidad presencial y a distancia virtual


Anexo 29. Mapa de Competencias del programa académico.

Anexo 38. Acta finalización de diseño o rediseño curso o Seminario firmado.

Anexo 39. Plan de curso, modulo o seminario.

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