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The evaluation is an ongoing process of research, which allows you to analyze the different components of the curriculum in relation with the reality of the institution and its social environment in which the curriculum is developed. This implies a continuous and systematic follow-up process to the selected assessment object in order to identify the achievements and the difficulties encountered in the process and to be able to make decisions that will lead to an improvement of educational quality.

The curricular evaluation is an integral part of the self-evaluation and self-regulation of the academic programs. It is a systematic, deliberated and permanent process that can be implemented in three basic moments: diagnosis, process and product. It is an ongoing, systematic, constructive and participatory approach whose main purpose is the permanent search and update in favor of the quality of the academic processes and its results.

In the design of the curriculum assessment, the main elements to take into account are:

Why Evaluate?

The more general objectives of the evaluation and the partial objectives deriving from them (clear, precise, achievable and measurable).

Who evaluates?

Depending on what needs to be evaluated and  its organizational level, the participants will be determined and the criteria or suggestions from the students will be met.

When to evaluate?

Sequencing or organization of the evaluation process.

What to evaluate?

The entire curriculum or a particular aspect of it.

How to evaluate?

Methods to use in relation to what is evaluated.

Which are the assessment tools?

Means, resources, budget.


Solicitud de apoyo para el diseño y el rediseño Macrocurricular

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Acta de Capacitación.

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Cronograma de Actividades firmado por los profesores.

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Perfil de egreso del programa

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Anexo 29. Mapa de Competencias del programa diligenciado

Acta R-SS-08 de Validación del Comité Curricular del programa (Perfil de egreso y Mapa de competencias)

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