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Specific Competences

they are competences that are directly related to the fields of knowledge of a specific area of knowledge and that allow the person to “know how to do meaningfully” (academic or disciplinary competences); and have appropriate performances in a specific professional or occupational field (professional skills). These competencies are identified and described at the level of each academic program.

Generic Competences

These are competencies that exceed the limits of a discipline or a course to potentially develop in all of them. The generic competencies that allow us to achieve the Uteist ideology are listed below.


The microcurriculum level refers to the achievement of the mission-vision expressed in the Institutional Educational Project, its bylaws and the UTS institutional pedagogical model.

It is integrated by the Ideal of training in each course/module (justification, problem to solve, competences and competence criteria), the Methodological Strategies, Knowledge per Unit (conceptual, procedural and attitudinal), the Evaluation Criteria and the Bibliography

The micro-curriculum is expressed in a document that guides the work and teaching aids for teachers known as Course Plan or Module, as well as an instrument of academic activities planning which is developed along the course or module. Within this instrument, the work is organized and distributed in weeks, in each of the assessment periods. This is known as Lesson Plan (in face-to-face modality) and Training Path (for distance virtual mode).




RDC-99 Solicitud de apoyo diseño o rediseño curso/ Seminario

Anexo 29 Mapa de competencias del programa.

Cronograma Actividades diseño  o rediseño Micro curricular.

RDC-120 Registro control de asistencia Micro curricular

Anexo 39. Plan de curso, módulo terminado

R-SS-08 Acta de validación comité curricular del programa

Anexo 29. Mapa de Competencias del programa académico.

Anexo 38. Acta finalización de diseño o rediseño curso o Seminario firmado.

Anexo 39. Plan de curso, modulo o seminario.

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