Office of Academic Development


According to Resolution 02-474 of 2017, it aims to

Direct, plan, organize, evaluate, control and formulate policies, guidelines and programs for the development and updating of the processes of curriculum management, professionalisation of teaching and academic support to students.


1. Lead technical advice in the formulation, improvement and adjustment of the UTS pedagogical model.

2. Conduct the formulation of objectives, strategies and policies of teaching.

3. Formulate guidelines for curriculum management.

4. Direct and coordinate activities that will contribute to the formulation of the curricular structure of the academic programs of the institution.

5. Directing the formulation of the permanent program of training and improvement of teaching as part of the teaching professionalization.

6. Formulate and ensure compliance with the process of evaluation of teaching performance.

7. Support and manage technical support to the Commission of teaching staff and the General Secretariat in order to develop the teacher selection process.

8. Attend the councils, boards, committees and other bodies related to its function.

9. Establish, maintain and improve the Internal Control System in its unity, which must be appropriate to the nature, structure and mission of the institution

10. Program, implement, and evaluate training activities and / or update the curriculum planning, as well as the academic and curriculum assessment for teaching.

11. Set the design, production, dissemination, implementation and updating of procedures related to the academic development required by the institution.

12. Formulate strategies, plans and programs associated with the development of excellence in teaching, allowing it to increase the quality of the teaching-learning process in compliance with the institutional guidelines.

13. Organize the induction and re-induction of teachers for the appropriation of the institutional educational project.

14. Organize the UTS freshmen induction process.

15. Coordinate the execution of aggreements appointed by the chancellery.

16. Evaluate the performance of the staff of administrative career under its charge.

17. Lead actions to ensure compliance with the standards and recommendations set out in the Integrated Management System (SIG), Quality Management System and internal regulations.

18. Provide guidelines for the proper conservation, organization, use and management of documents and files deriving from the performance of the functions of this office and its groups.

19. The other functions identified in the Constitution, the law, the statutes and provisions that determine the organization of the institution, the office in charged and the nature of employment.


It seeks to articulate and promote the responsibility of the academic community regarding the permanence and timely graduation of students.


The Pedagogical Model is operationalized from the curricular design in two Macro and Micro curricular levels.


It is a proposal to address and synchronize the main educational circumstances that affect the quality of the Teaching.

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