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240 Teachers are Trained

Why Do We Evaluate Teachers?

According to the Statute of Teaching Professionalization in ARTICLE 26. The exercise of the teaching career will be linked to the permanent evaluation. Education professionals are personally responsible for their performance in the corresponding work, and by virtue of this they must submit to the processes of evaluation of their work.

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The evaluation shall verify that in the performance of their functions, the teaching staff and directors maintain levels of suitability, quality and efficiency that justify permanence in the position, promotions in the Escalafón and relocations in the salary levels within the same grade.

Immediate superiors and hierarchical superiors shall provide the support required for these purposes and shall provide all the information in their possession on the performance of the teachers and principals to be evaluated.

Types of Evaluation

There will be at least the following types of evaluation:

        a. Trial period evaluation.
        b. Regular periodic evaluation of annual performance.
        c. Competence assessment.​


Open Enrollment Teacher Training

Registration is now open for teacher training and formation in the 2019-1 semester.

Teacher Training Offer 2019-1

Choose your training very carefully, in order to avoid inconveniences with the Academic Vicerectory.

Teaching Evaluation Instructive 2019-1

From Monday, March 18 to Saturday, April 20, 2019, the Teacher Evaluation process will be developed.

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